Leaking Taps

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Everyone has experienced a leaking tap. Fixing the leaking tap is easier than you first thought.
If you have a tap which is leaking, firstly look underneath the fixture to see if there are any valves which could shut the water supply off. The fixture may not have any valves underneath, therefore you will need to locate your water meter to the front of your property. Look for your front garden tap as the meter should be within close proximity.

Once water is isolated you will need the following tools, pointy nose pliers, shifter and maybe some small allen keys.
Open the tap to release water pressure, Disassemble the tap placing the parts you remove in a sequence on your bench so when it comes to assemble tap the parts are in order, remove tap spindle with a shifter turning anti clockwise, remove washer from breach or it maybe stuck to the bottom of the spindle, clean any debris or slime within section behind wall or under fixture, place new washer into the spindle and insert back into breach piece. Ensure the tap is fully open when tightening with shifter as you may damage the new washer. Once installed, turn off tap gently, then turn back on the water supply SLOWLY. Test taps inside by opening them slowly, you may see the taps splurting as this is the air releasing in the lines. Once you are satisfied the taps are repaired, assemble the tap in order and enjoy your work.

Next month we will explain how to repair a stiff tap or a tap which is hard to turn off.
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