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Coffee roaster installations vary from boutique coffee shops to large coffee producers.
These appliances are type B gas. Type B gas engineering is something Plumbrite Group assists clients with providing a one stop shop when it comes to gaining approval through Energy Safe Victoria.
These appliances are generally gas powered. Natural gas or L.P.Gas.

The installation will require Type A gas plumbing and Type B gas plumbing.

Remember if you want your plumbing done right, Use Plumbrite.

Plumbrite Group was established in 2000.

Brian Hamill is a second generation plumber and spent most of his career specialising within the Industrial sector.
Installing equipment and appliances for the past 20 years has been exciting and challenging.

We have always completed projects on schedule and on budget, hence why most of our clients are the same clients we started with nearly 20 years ago.
We have managed to travel all over Australia and we are licensed plumbers within N.S.W, S.A, QLD, N.T, VIC, W.A

Completed many projects within the mining industry but the main industry that has kept Plumbrite Group striving forward is within the Food Industry.

We have had the pleasure setting up many Food manufacturers and most of them have either outgrown their current site or are constantly redeveloping to accommodate new machinery and equipment.
We always employee apprentices and train them to become a tradesman, rather than only specialising within the plumbing Industry.

Some times we are asked to assist with concreting, building, electrical, etc. We are always happy to help.